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Saturday, February 25, 2017

We literally buy the food that the poor conservatives eat.

Democrats are less likely to be in need of being fed, we tend to be the ones doing the feeding. We earn more about 7% more on average, I suspect because we value education. We pay more in taxes. Lib states are wealthier and support the conservative states which are the poorest in the nation. The wealthiest part of any state is the liberal part of the state and the poorest are the conservative areas of the state. Highest food stamp use, in Conservative states, lowest lifespans in conservative states as is highest infant mortality ( babies there are only sacred before birth). Yes Conservatives are fed by hand and by we liberals, we literally buy the food that the poor conservatives eat.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

We need to keep our museums going!

It's important for us to still have right-wingers and conservative Republicans for a while so we can keep our museums going and show our grandchildren what they were like.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Obstructio­n itself is the primary reason for less certainty

Republican­s like to blame the bad economy on things they made up—like this myth of “certainty­.” However, if they really believed it themselves­, they’d compromise to get legislatio­n settled. Yet they choose to obstruct even though obstructio­n itself is the primary reason for less certainty. I blame the GOP. If they worked with Obama then perhaps the country would be doing better. They ran on jobs and haven't produced any jobs bill since being elected.The republican­­­'s sole efforts of protecting wall street and carrying the water for large money hoarding tax dodging corporation­­­s, while blocking any and all suggestion­­­s this president makes - even those that agree with their own policies! - is hopefully being seen by the American people for what it is.... A party *obsessed* with it's own political interests and that of their corporate benefactor­­­s; at the expense of the American people begging them to cooperate in finding solutions to the economic problems that plague this nation. If "the people deserve a say" in appointing a Supreme Court Justice, and the Republicans' way of giving the people a say is waiting a year before doing anything, what other government functions do the Republicans believe need to be delayed for a year in order to "give people a say"?

The answer to that question would clearly indicate when Republicans believe "the people deserve a say" and when the Republicans believe the people don't deserve a say.

For example, if China attacked America tomorrow, would the Republicans argue that Obama cannot do anything for a year because "the people deserve a say"? Or would the Republicans work with Obama to formulate a response, implying that the people don't deserve a say in determining when a country goes to war?

You would think that the people should always deserve a say, but by blocking a certain function on the grounds that "the people deserve a say," the Republicans are inferring that functions they fail to block are functions in which they believe the people don't deserve a say. (The Democrats' argument is logical because it says the people already had their say.)

I'd love for Obama to get them to answer that one...

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

These kind of Republican candidates give us gridlocked governments!

Billionaires are influencing the democratic process in a manner that is pure corruption. If it is allowed, you will have an oligarchy, not a democracy. You are only allowed to vote for a candidate who has the approval of the billionaire class.
These kind of  Republican candidates give us gridlocked governments that are only able to ((pass tax cuts and protections for corporations)). 

How's that working for you, America? 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

((Trickle-up economics))

((Trickle-up economics)).  
I own a business that caters to the rich and the poor. What most people fail to realize is that money starts with the poor and works its way up the ladder.  
Why don't these business owners want the working poor to have more money? Working poor people spend every dollar they earn. That spending winds up in the economy immediately. More goods sold mean more staff needed, which keeps the ball rolling.  

The GOP knows this, but they cannot allow any progress to happen under President Obama's watch.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Republican Party's environmental policy.

The Republican Party's environmental policy.

GOP, "is the black liquid gelatinous material residue that can be found in highly polluted area's that contain industrial waste".

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Presenting conservatives with their own talking points

One of the things I most enjoy doing in politics is presenting conservatives with their own talking points, then exposing the absolute nonsense behind them.

And the ironic part is, the Republican party doesn’t even try to hide their true intentions. They just know that critical thinking isn’t a strong point for the typical conservative voter. So it’s not a matter of saying anything that makes sense, it just has to be what the typical conservative wants to hear. Facts really don’t matter a whole lot. 

1) Republicans are purposely sabotaging our government: Just think about this for a moment. Republican politicians run on the premise that “government is bad.” So, why would they ever try to help make government more efficient and effective? They wouldn’t. In fact, they go out of their way to ensure that the government operates as poorly as possible so they can campaign on the notion that government is bad – so that they’ll get elected to that very same government. They’re literally causing the very problems in our government that they use to stir up anti-government sentiment among conservatives to get elected. Sadly, most conservatives fail to see this. 
2) Republicans want our country to fail: Conservatives hate President Obama. And they know that the only way they stand any chance in 2016 to reclaim the White House is to do everything they can to stall any possible progress and sabotage any kind of economic recovery. Their true hope is that by doing so our nation will spiral into such chaos that we’ll elect a Republican as a response. They would gladly stand by while millions of Americans suffered as long as it won their party the presidency in 2 years. 
3) Conservatives are always on the wrong side of history: It’s like I’ve pointed out before, if you go back to the Civil War and see which states fought to keep slavery, they’re the same states that: opposed women’s suffrage, interracial marriage, civil rights, desegregation and currently oppose gay marriage and abortion rights. And that’s not a coincidence. 
4) Nine of our last ten economic recessions occurred while a Republican was in the White House: Pretty much speaks for itself.
5) The Republican party is owned by big oil: Just think about it, what benefits big oil the most?
  • Deregulating the EPA
  • More domestic drilling
  • Opening up national parks for drilling
  • The belief that climate change is fake
  • Ensuring that we have poor public transportation systems
  • Opposition to green energy alternatives
And guess which side of every one of those issues the Republican party supports…
6) The truth about Ronald Reagan is very different from the lies Republicans tell about him: During Reagan’s eight years in the White House, unemployment shot over 10%; our national debt nearly tripled; he passed amnesty for illegal immigrants; the number of illegal immigrants coming into the United States was higher than we’ve seen during the Obama administration; he negotiated with terrorists and raised taxes several times.
7) Tax rates have almost nothing to do with job creation or wages: I’m not going to go into my usual “trickle-down economics is a scam” rant. Though I will say that job creation isn’t a problem, but wage stagnation is. That being said, our tax rates are almost at the very same levels George W. Bush (and his fellow Republicans) promised us in the early-2000′s would eliminate our debt and usher in economic prosperity. So, if those rates were low enough back then, then why now are many of these same Republicans saying that taxes are too high? Though, let’s not fool ourselves. Middle class incomes being stagnant isn’t just a “last eight years” issue. It’s been going on for over decades.