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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Republican party doesn't respect you!

Over the years I have spent a great amount of my time at the Yacht & Country Clubs. What I hear Republican supporters say about women and Latinos astounds me. If you are a women or Latin voter, you would have to be nuts to vote for the Republican party. 

Trust me, the Republican party doesn't respect you!

Vote for GOP if.........

Want to beat the GOP in a landslide? How about just listing their non-accomplishments in ads:

Vote for GOP if
1) You don't want people to have unemployment insurance.
2) You want to keep minimum wage at starvation levels.
3) You want 40 million Americans to go without health care.
4) You want women to be paid less than men for the same job.
5) You want gay people to all be thrown out of their jobs.
6) You want miners to die in underground explosions.
7) You want to work for Ebenezer Scrooge - you want workers to have NO say in their jobs - just do what their rich bosses want them to to, work the hours their rich bosses want them to work, for Chinese-level wages.
8) You want the children of disadvantaged Americans to die of starvation.
9) You want the elderly to work until they're either 90 or dead.

I could go on and on, but pick any of the above - if you're heartless, brainwashed or too selfish to want your brothers and sisters to thrive in America.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Antiquated drug laws & the negative right wing of the GOP...

With overcrowding incarceration rates in prison - along with unsustainable costs - one would think that the light bulb would turn on with the 'punitive,

negative right wing of the GOP' and force them to rethink their 'war on drugs'. But it hasn't happened yet. Just think about it realistically for once. How many able bodied people - especially in the minority community - do we take out of a tax payer role and turn them into a 'ward of the State' that we must pay for, because of antiquated drug laws? But I guess it is just too much to ask for the 'in the past' GOP supporters to actually think about that.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Conservatism is not a political philosophy at all!

Conservatism is not a political philosophy at all. Conservatism is a grim, unpleasant philosophy focused exclusively on power, money, and exploitation. Conservatism is not interested in fairness. Conservatism is not interested in justice. Conservatism despises freedom. Conservatism is the enemy of opportunity.
Conservatism is a philosophy of hatred and a list of groups to hate: Blacks, Liberals, Socialists, Old People, Young People, Pregnant People, Gay People, College Students, Retirees, Women, Infants, Sick People, Unlucky People, Stupid People, Government Employees, Educators, Scientists, Scholars, etc.
More than anything else, American Conservatism is a Doctrine of Seething, Boiling, Raging, Insane Hatred against the Kenyan, Communist, Muslim, Traitor Darkie in the White House.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Give all power to corporate overlords!

PLEASE lay out the conservative agenda in stark detail for the mid terms. Please. Let voters know exactly what you plan to do to them and to the country if they vote republican. Starve the poor, education only for those rich enough to afford it, kick out the sick and the elderly, ruin the environment,

give all power to corporate overlords.
Conservatives are so clever. They have always been better at bumper stickers then governing.
Republicans stand for nothing and are against everything.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


KEEPING IT THOUGHTFULLY HONEST: Speaking as an informed and independent intelligent Voter, I have a message for the GOP clowns. Let's exam his Republicans Grand achievements since the last election. I recall the Close down of our Govt. and the later give away payments to those Fed. workers that did not work with a result of wasted cost of $26K in Tax payer funds. Second, the record Obstruction votes there has been no Job Creation legislation for Middle Class Americans; Lack of concern and failure to act on any Job creation and Immigration Reform, the clowns obstructed passage of unemployed middle class Americans that can't find jobs. And finally, now they refuse to establish a reasonable living minimum Wage so that Working American can earn something just above the poverty level to support their families! So Mr goppers is going to take more than blame game of other guys or the use of modern political outreach techniques. Do you really think that most thinking Americans  are that stupid?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Those who don't agree to, or accept reasonable compromises, are undeserving to serve in Congress or the Presidency.

A major reason why Tea Partiers have faced "setbacks" is many don't understand and accept the nature of US democracy which is the joining of principles to a political process that never produces 100% of what one side wants on any contested issue i.e., neither the majority nor the minority party gets 100% of what they want. Throughout the history of US democracy, compromise is the reason legislation on contested issues passes Congress and is signed into law by Presidents. Politicians like many Tea Partiers who don't agree to or accept reasonable compromises are undeserving to serve in Congress or the Presidency.